5 Spooky Film and TV Inspired BFF Halloween Costumes

‘Everyday is Halloween, isn’t it? For some of us…’ I would definitely agree with Tim Burton on this one. So when you are already spooky all year round it can be a difficult choice to decide what costume to dress in that differs from anything you wear normally.

There are so many costume ideas sometimes I don’t know where to begin. Should you dress as a vampire? Love zombies? Or just cut two holes in a sheet and be a ghost?

If you want to get your best friend involved in your costume, there can be even more creative choices.

Couples costumes can be cringe-worthy, but choosing spooky Halloween costumes with your best friend to creep everyone out can be a lot of fun. You could even get a whole group of friends involved.

So I have compiled a list of my favourite Halloween costumes inspired by spooky movies and television programmes.

#1 Sweeney and Mrs Lovett:

Photo by Walter Pellegrini.

Sweeney Todd the demon barber and Mrs Lovett, his pie-making accomplice of Fleet Street make a fearsome pair. Sweeney Todd is know for slitting the throats of his customers. With his signature white-streak in his hair, gaunt complexion, blood stained shirt and cut-throat razors, Sweeney Todd makes for a great Halloween costume. It is arguable that Mrs Lovett is even more deranged, driving Sweeney Todd to madness by lying to him about his wife’s death and coming up with the plan to hide their victims in her pies. Mrs Lovett’s clothing features Victorian Dress, curled hair, and could also be seen carrying a rolling pin or pies. Pair these two costumes together to create your own serial killing duo.



#2 Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz:

Photo from: http://www.therpf.com/gallery/groups/p4382-beetlejuice-26amp-3bamp-3b-lydia.html

It is one of my favourite Tim Burton movies so I had to include this pair on my list. Betelguese (pronounced Beetlejuice) is the crude ‘bio-exorcist’ ghost that wreaks havoc when he promises to rid the original deceased tenants, The Maitlands, of their homes new living residents. He has an iconic look with his crazy hair and striped suit. Lydia Deetz is every goth-girls goals. Lydia is ‘strange and unusual’ and loves anything pertaining to the supernatural. She is shown having jet black hair with parted bangs, a large hat, dressing all in black and carrying a camera. I think these make a fun pair and have such distinctive personalities that they would make brilliant characters if you wanted to add a little acting to your Halloween night.






#3 The Sanderson Sisters:

Film Still taken from: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/The_Sanderson_Sisters

I love watching this film, Hocus Pocus, every Halloween. These three witches make such great comedic spooky characters. When I was a child I wanted to grow up to be Sarah, portrayed as the most beautiful, with a sadistic sense of humour and kind of an airhead. She is a fun, lovable character who uses her singing voice to lure children back to their home. She is shown having long blonde wavy hair, wearing a tight fitted dress with lace sleeves, and when outside wears a purple cloak. Winifred is the main antagonist, who sold her soul to Satan, she is highly dramatic and vain. She keeps her other two sisters in line and uses them both to help her gain the souls of children, so she can stay young forever. Her most striking feature is her fiery red hair in a curled bouffant style. She wears a green dress, is eyebrow-less, has claw like fingers, and wears uniquely shaped red lipstick. Mary Sanderson is the third of the sisters, and is always trying her best to please Winifred. Mary is not the most cunning or intelligent, but she has a powerful sense of smell that she uses to help track down the children. Mary has dark hair twisted into a distinctive shape to look like a witches hat, wears red robes, has a mole on the side of her nose and has a habit of biting her lip. These three would make a great Halloween costume if you have two other friends you know would love to dress as these witches.


#4 Joker and Harley Quinn:

Photo by HydraEvil on DeviantArt

This one has gained some popularity since the Suicide Squad movie was released. However, I still always wanted to dress up as Harley Quinn at Halloween, so why not partner the costume with The Joker? Harley Quinn has appeared differently across films, television series, comics and games, so you could also take inspiration from elsewhere and put your own spin on it. She is most known for her red and black outfit and gag-themed weaponry. The Joker can also look pretty terrifying with his white makeup, huge red smile, green hair and purple suit.





#5 Doctor Who and Monsters:

Photo from: http://www.doctorwho.tv/whats-new/images/australias-first-doctor-who-pop-up-shop-opens/

My final choice for this comes from my favourite time traveller, The Doctor. This Halloween costume could have so much choice with twelve ‘official’ doctors to choose from, and also a range of villains and monsters. This offers endless possible costumes for groups of friends. There are even many Tardis outfits online if you want to dress as the time machine herself. One of my favourite monsters is the Weeping Angels, it would definitely have all eyes on you…they just got to make sure they ‘don’t blink’.

Hope this helped with some inspiration for Halloween. If you try out any of these looks please share them to our Facebook page, I’d love to see what you guys come up with.



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